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The Third Pig

Quick Guide:

Balanced Portfolio

We prefer equity securities because they have outperformed other security types over long periods of time.  In fact, we run concentrated portfolios to take advantage of those superior returns.  However, under certain circumstances it is prudent to include other security types and diversify broadly.  In these instances the investment objective is likely to be,

  • Income,

  • Capital preservation and

  • Low volatility

Balanced portfolios invest for high current income, and preservation and growth of capital. They are designed to be moderately conservative: experiencing the relatively lower volatility of bonds and broad based funds and the capital appreciation potential of concentrated stock positions.

Balanced portfolios are managed with an asset allocation range of 50-70% for equity, 30-50% for fixed income.

The equity portion of the Balanced portfolios will be made of from a combination of our Core portfolio and our ETF portfolios.  The fixed income portion of the Balanced portfolios will be made up almost exclusively of fixed income ETF index funds.

ETF Equity Portfolio

Our ETF strategy entails style-rotation and sector-rotation methodologies designed to create prospective outperformance versus the broad market.  Using our valuation process, we will invest in broad based ETF index funds that present the highest margin of safety and the greatest potential for capital appreciation.  No sector, industry or capitalization will be off limits.

ETF Fixed Income Portfolio

Fixed Income Portfolio Management can be provided as a stand-alone service or as part of the Balanced portfolio. Brick Financial actively manages high quality, intermediate term fixed income portfolios through the exclusive use of Fixed Income ETFs.

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