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The Third Pig

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Brick Financial Management's investment management is based on a bottom up value approach to investing. We believe that stocks are the best way for most long-term investors to satisfy their financial goals, and we focus our energies on selecting the most appropriate securities for each portfolio. Our equity orientation is balanced by our appropriate exposure to fixed-income securities, which satisfies that portion of a client's portfolio requiring low-volatility, income producing investments.

In general, we believe our long-term view leads to low portfolio turnover and higher realized returns, as our diversification lends stability to returns. While our firm's principles are consistent, we tailor their application to each client. We conduct regular account reviews and are here when you need us. Clients will receive information on their portfolios in the form of monthly custodial statements, transaction confirmations, quarterly performance analysis and regular strategy conferences. By keeping the client involved in the investment process, we ensure consistency of focus and purpose.

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