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Brick Financial Management LLC, Registered Investment Advisor

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  • Wealth Management services for high net worth individuals

  • Hourly financial planning advice

  • Investment and personal finance blog – The Third Pig

  • Value equity and balanced portfolios for institutions and individuals have been managed since inception in 2002

  • Professional network: Brick Financial works with other financial services providers including insurance providers, accountants, financial planners and trust services to round out its services for its clients


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About Us
Brick Financial Management, LLC was founded with the vision of a world where opportunities for wealth accumulation are freely accessible. Brick Financial aims to provide investment services and advice of the highest quality free from the numerous conflicts of interest that taint the traditional Wall Street firms.


Brick Financial has set forth and follows a specific set of business and investment principles designed to guide our daily pursuit of serving our clients better. By following these principles we are putting ourselves in the high probability position of achieving stellar long term investment results.


Since inception and as of December 31, 2009, money invested in our portfolios with dividends reinvested has grown by a considerable amount. Specifically, our portfolios have appreciated roughly 11.2% per annum (112.3% since its inception in December 2002) compared to a 4.6% per annum gain for the S&P 500 Index and a 5.4% gain for the Average U.S. Equity Mutual Fund. [Past performance is no a guarantee of future performance.]


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Investment Philosophy
Brick Financial’s portfolios are built on an investment philosophy that rests on three interrelated points which are:


·         A disciplined, concentrated portfolio, value-oriented investment approach

·         Investment in high quality companies with capable management

·         A long term investment timeframe of 5 years or more


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Investment Process
The first step in the investment process is the client interview in which the Investment Policy Statement is established. During this interview, Brick Financial works with the client to define his or her investment objectives and expectations.


Our equity investment process is analysis-driven, employing a disciplined, bottom-up in-house research approach to identify companies that meet our value criteria. Instead of selecting individual securities for every client we run several predefined portfolios with specific and distinct investment objectives. Used in combination these portfolios can meet any client’s unique needs. Consequently, client portfolios will be made up of one to several of our predefined portfolios.


Our criteria will usually reduce the universe of thousands of publicly traded companies down to a select list of approximately 250 companies representing all industry sectors.  Using a proprietary multivariate selection process, we will once again reduce this list of securities for inclusion on our "Focus List".


For each stock added to the Focus List, Brick Financial applies a “score”. Inputs to the score include but are not limited to the company’s growth potential, its industry dominance, its current management, its ability to produce high returns on capital and certainly its valuation compared to its market price. Portfolios are then constructed from stocks that have high scores.


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Research Process

We regularly put the securities on our Focus List through an intensive fundament analysis process.  It may include, but is not limited to, a thorough review of financial statements and SEC filings, reviews of articles and media information, and study of the investment opinions of Wall Street analysts. However we ultimately use our own judgment in evaluating the economic standing of companies.


In an attempt to determine the intrinsic value of companies on our Focus List we will rely on factors such as, but not limited to, the discounted value of its projected future free cash flows, the company’s ability to earn returns on capital in excess of its cost of capital, private market values of similar companies, the costs to replicate the business and of course traditional measures such as the price-to-earnings ratio and price-to-book ratio. Qualitative factors, such as an assessment of the company’s products, competitive positioning, strategy, industry economics and dynamics, regulatory frameworks and more, may also be considered.

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Firm Biographies
Benjamin B. Taylor
President and Portfolio Manager

·         BA, Lehigh University, 1993

·         Formerly an Analyst with consulting firm KPMG, Senior Associate with investment banking firm Lehman Brothers, Portfolio Manager of The Choice and Relative Value Model Portfolios with Brick Financial Managment

·         15 years investment experience

·         Founded Brick Financial in 2002


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Benjamin B. Taylor

President and Portfolio Manager



Stephanie Pickens

CEO of S2 Financial Consulting




Media Contact


Contact Information

Benjamin B. Taylor

Phone: 973-486-9860




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