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The Third Pig

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Our Vision

America was founded on an underlying principle Ė all are created equal - which was our founding fathers collective rejection of inherited privilege and their recognition of individual rights and creativity. Indeed, central to that American ideal was the expectation that all its citizens have the equal opportunity to pursue wealth. Further, they assumed that that wealth would be fairly distributed according to the individualís creative application of his will, and would thus cease to be concentrated among the few.


The founding fathers believed, as we do, that concentrated wealth and wealth opportunity undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and diminish our nationís capacity to realize the true collective potential of its citizens. To be clear, we are not socialists.  We do not believe in the arbitrary distribution of wealth. We are not anti-wealth. [We would not be in the business if we were.] However, we do believe that the technical, social and legal barriers to wealth accumulation should be dismantled. We are believers in the fair distribution of wealth opportunity.


Our Vision is of a nation where prosperity is better shared, where there is genuine equality of opportunity, where concentrated money ceases to dominate and where all of our nationís human resources are allowed to germinate and grow.


In short, our Vision is the democratization of wealth opportunity.


Our Mission

In order to realize our Vision, our Mission is to:


         strive to be an open-source, world-class value investment firm

         challenge exclusionary practices that work to undermine wealth opportunity

         operate as an advocate for investor rights and education.



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