Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We're Not Afraid

I just came across and interesting website called We’re Not Afraid. It was a site started as an answer of sorts to the terrorist bombings in London. The site consists of photos from people from around the world proclaiming that they are unafraid of the terrorists. And how they’re going to live their lives as they have all along.

To be honest, when I first came across the site, I was a little offended. I guess I took the “We’re Not Afraid” stance as somewhat of a dis to those that actually died in the bombings. But after a minute of perusing the site, I realized that that’s not really the intent here. It’s an attempt to “castrate” the terrorists’ power (which is fear mongering). The pictures on the site of are people (animals, scenic views, babies) who are going on with the daily lives with smiles on their faces. I thought that’s pretty wild to fight terrorism with a smile. Crazy concept right?

On a related note, it’s interesting to see how very little news the bombings have gotten. Perhaps it’s because it’s on foreign soil, but you’d still think it would have gotten more coverage. But overall, folks seem to be relatively unaffected. Perhaps it’s because we expect this now. The financial markets barely made any movement on that day. In fact, the iShares MSCI United Kingdom ETF (symbol: EWU) has actually gone up 3.6% in the time since the bombing. Perhaps it’s an indication that the terrorists are losing their impact. At the very least it’s interesting.


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